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Top 10 Senior Players in the SEC That Could Impact the NBA

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Top 10 Senior Players in the SEC That Could Impact the NBA

10 SEC Seniors
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Let’s face it. The SEC is a league that showcases young talent, and rarely is there a player who succeeds in the NBA from this tough conference that stays in college all four (for some five) seasons. However, for every one-and-done player there are a few players who do stay all five seasons (see Chandler Parsons), and sometimes these talented athletes get looked over because of all the young talent that they play around.

Determining a top ten out of the senior class is extremely difficult in the SEC for two reasons: One, there are not that many seniors who are starting guys game after game; many starting line-ups have a senior sixth or seventh man and that’s it. Two, multiple SEC teams do not even have a Senior on the entire roster.

The lack of Seniors in the SEC does not mean that these Seniors are less talented or that teams from leagues like the Big East and ACC where players tend to stay longer have better Seniors, but that a Senior who plays week in and week out has to be extremely talented or he will not succeed. In the SEC, the young talent is so good and already NBA ready and the competition between the top and mid-level SEC teams is so fierce that playing for four years is a testament to the durability and talent level of any Senior athlete.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Seniors in the SEC that could succeed in the NBA:

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No. 10 Julius Mays - Kentucky Wildcats

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The only playing senior in Kentucky’s roster, Mays will get a lot of playing time as the rotation has to become wider to make up for Nerlens Noel’s absence and his NBA stock could raise significantly.

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No. 9 Mike Rosario - Florida Gators

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Rosario is capable of leading this Florida team deep into the tournament, but plays terribly in Florida’s losses. Rosario needs some work, but could succeed in the NBA.

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No. 8 Alex Oriakhi - Missouri Tigers

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Oriakhi is big, strong, and a rebounding machine. However, sometimes he seems scared to shoot. Oriakhi could be one of those players that could stay under the radar for a few years and then breakout in the NBA.

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No. 7 Keion Bell - Missouri Tigers

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There aren’t many players in the SEC that can step-up and hit threes at crucial points in games like Keion Bell. Bell’s play really kept Missouri afloat during the games hindered by injuries to Laurence Bowers. Bell could easily come into the NBA a 7th or 8th man that plays for 10 or 15 minutes a game but hits crucial threes.

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No. 6 Frankie Sullivan - Auburn Tigers

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Sullivan is a fifth year Senior for the Tigers, and, although Auburn’s record is poor, has played very well against some of the top teams in the league. He’s a player that will be interesting to watch as the season continues.

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No. 5 Murphy Holloway - Ole Miss Rebels

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Holloway is a monster down-low. His rebounds from Marshall Henderson’s misses have really aided in games where Ole Miss can’t hit from range. His rebounding ability would be highly valued in the NBA.

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No. 4 Kenny Boynton - Florida Gators

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Boynton is one of the most talented players in the SEC, and could definitely make it into an NBA roster early on in his career.

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No. 3 Erik Murphy - Florida Gators

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Erik Murphy is a scorer. He’s also got the right size to be considered for many NBA rosters. He’s oddly reminiscent of Chandler Parsons, and should succeed in the NBA.

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No. 2 Laurence Bowers - Missouri Tigers

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Bowers can compete with any other big men in the country. He’s dominant down-low and Missouri, as talented as the Tigers are, cannot win without him – which says a lot about his skill level.

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No. 1 Elston Turner - Texas A&M Aggies

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There is no player better at scoring in the SEC than Elston Turner. His 40 against Kentucky was only supplemented by his 37 against Ole Miss. Turner is also built for the NBA, being 6’5 and 200 guards as a guard.