Marquette’s Basketball Program May Flourish After Leaving The Big East

By Horran Cameron
Evan Habeeb USA TODAY Sports

When you are on the outside looking in, you may feel sorry for the Big East Conference and for the Catholic Seven. The Catholic Seven consists of the following universities: Georgetown, Villanova, St. John’s, Providence, Seton Hall, DePaul and Marquette. While these seven schools were in the Big East Conference, their identity was lost amidst the desire for the Big East to focus more on football. The Big East Conference is a prime example of losing focus and direction.

In the 1980s, the Big East was primarily a basketball conference. There were several powerhouse teams in this conference: the Syracuse Orangemen, the Georgetown Hoyas, the St. John’s Red Storm (formerly the Redmen) and the Villanova Wildcats. Three of these schools are part of the Catholic Seven. Then, the Big East shifted its focus to football in 1991.

When you look at some of the schools that will be added to the Big East in the next season, they are mainly strengthening the Big East’s football identity. In the 2013-2014 season, the University of Central Florida, the University of Houston, Memphis University and Southern Methodist University (SMU) will become Big East schools.

Marquette, on the other hand, will reportedly have one more season in the Big East. Marquette will most likely be a part of the new “Catholic Seven” Conference when the 2014-2015 season begins. Going to a new conference that puts basketball first will cause Marquette to excel in the recruiting process. Having Dwayne Wade as a former basketball player should be a great way to reel in recruits. It has been 10 years since Marquette went to a Final Four. Hopefully, a change of scenery in the near future will also spark a change in direction for the basketball program.

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