Oklahoma State's Shooting Leads To a Blowout Victory

By Anthony Lenahan
Michael Johnson-USA Today Sports

Texas Tech knew it wasn’t going to be easy when No. 17 Oklahoma State came to town, but if they had known the Cowboys were going to shoot as well as they did last night, they wouldn’t of even bothered playing.  Oklahoma State wasn’t missing shots from the field and combined with a very bad Red Raiders team, it led to a blow out victory for the road team.

Markel Brown continued to have the hot hand last night except it was on fire against Texas Tech.  In the game all Brown did was shoot a phenomenal 7-8 from three-point range.  He only missed one three out of eight attempts, that is a pretty high percentage if you ask me.  Brown finished 8-11 from the field with 25 points to lead all scorers.

Oklahoma State was able to shoot 56% from the field and 60% from behind the arc.  When they can shoot that well from the field no one is going to beat them especially in conference play.  Brown has been on fire of late and no team has been able to slow him down and against Texas Tech his team caught the hot hand as well.

Michael Cobbins, Phil Forte, and Marcus Smart also all played well for the Cowboys which is a great sign for them.  Normally it is just Smart, Brown, and Le’Bryan Nash doing all the scoring, but that changed against the Red Raiders.

If Cobbins and Forte can continue to score in double figures like they did against Tech, Oklahoma State might have a surprise for some people come March.

You aren’t going to shoot as well as Oklahoma State did every night, but in big games, their players are going to have to come to play and shoot well because that makes this team almost unbeatable.

Oklahoma State’s shooting allowed them to do what they had to on the road against a conference opponent and they are going to continue to need that effective shooting on the road in conference play.

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