Oregon Ducks Basketball Program on the Rise in Pac 12

By Joseph Nardone
Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The Oregon Ducks are currently the 23rd ranked team in the nation. They also play in the Pacific 12 Conference, which is having a hard time having a deep basketball league. While the Pac 12 has really good teams on the top, the bottom of the league is as bad as any in the country. However, for one specific program, the lack of depth in your league shouldn’t prevent you from being good. Oregon is good now, has been for a few years, and is looking to become one of the best programs in the country.

In fact, if I were a betting man, I’d put my house on the fact that the Ducks will become a perennial Top 10 team. It is pretty easy to figure out why. Dana Altman took over the job three years ago and the Ducks have had an incredible run since. While the previous two seasons didn’t result in NCAA Tournament appearances, Altman’s version of the Ducks went 45-28 in that span but did sputter a bit in conference play. However, now that Altman has time to get his players in there, Oregon is currently 20-5 and dominating everyone in their path.

Although, Altman isn’t the only reason why Oregon can be a powerhouse program, he might not even be the biggest. Money, which liars call the root of all evil, can help put the Ducks in a position to become a prestigious program. Thanks to having some direct ties to Nike(Phil Knight), Oregon has an infinite amount of cash at their disposal. Look at that abomination they call a basketball court they play on, that wasn’t put there for free, but cost the school Nike a lot of money in donations. Even though I think it is the ugliest thing in the world, young players probably think it is the cat’s meow and is another way to lure top prospects out west.

While other programs are in the midst of transition or having a hard time finding themselves, only a few are in the position as Oregon is to be the face of the league. If the Ducks fail to become one of the best hoops programs in the entire nation it won’t be because of a lack of effort or money. Any fanbase would love to have what Oregon jas at their disposal, money and resources.


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