Shane Larkin Learned a Lesson In Last Night's Win

By Anthony Lenahan
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

Shane Larkin has played amazing the entire season for the No. 3 Miami (FL) Hurricanes and last night he was able to overcome adversity and be the difference maker in another Miami win.  Larkin was benched early in the game for his poor performance and he was able to learn his lesson and come back and step up and lead the Canes to their eleventh conference victory.

Larkin is only a sophomore and he is going through a time in his career where he is known to be very good and is talked very highly about.  As he is extremely talented, but also young, he is going to have some sophomore mistakes.  Last night, he had just that in the beginning of the game where he was forcing to many plays and playing with a cocky demeanor.

That is when Jim Larranaga decided to use the bench as a learning experience for his talented guard.  Larkin was on the bench for an extended period of time not because he needed a rest, but because of his play.

When he came back in, he was a whole new player.  He ended the game with 22 points and 13 of them came in the final seven and a half minutes.  That is a big time player and a clutch performance after being benched.  Florida State had no answer for Larkin, so he stopped asking questions and just went to work.

Overall, Larkin played a great game, especially after he was benched.  He showed he can learn from his mistakes and is mature enough to handle a mid-game benching.  Larkin is a key player to Miami’s success and it is a good thing he was taught his lesson about being cocky and careless with the ball now then in the tournament because Miami has a serious chance of winning the national championship with him playing well.

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