Aaron Craft is the Best On Ball Defender in College Basketball

By Anthony Lenahan


Rick Osentoski-USA Today Sports

There is nothing better to have on your team than a lock down, on ball defender.  Ohio State and Thad Matta have exactly that in their point guard, Aaron Craft.  Craft is the best on ball defender in all of college basketball and he can lock down any guard he is matched up against.

Quick hands and quick feet are the recipe to success for an on ball defender.  Craft’s hands and feet are so quick that he can lock up the quickest guards in the country.  He is a pesky defender and nobody wants to see him in his face while they are dribbling.

Craft averages two steals per game this year and has averaged that same amount in his previous two years as a Buckeye.  You can get better at defense, but for some people it just comes naturally and Craft is just one of those players who lives to shut down the opposing teams best player.

Another big factor for a good defender is to not let their offense affect their defense.  Craft is not the best offensive player and some games he is miserable, but he never, ever lets his offense affect his defense.  Craft will give you all he’s got on defense every single time he steps on the court and that is the sign on a true warrior.

Craft has already shut down Trey Burke who is arguably the best guard in the country and he didn’t just shut him down once, he over-matched Burke twice this year.

His season high is five steals, but it doesn’t matter if he’s getting steals or not, he still makes it almost impossible to allow his opponent to get an easy look.

Aaron Craft and his lock-down defense is something any coach in America would want to have on their team.

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