Despite Poor Play Florida State Seminoles Talking a Backwards Trash

By Joseph Nardone
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The Florida State Seminoles are not having one of the most swell seasons in the history of their hoops program. Outside of Michael Snaer doing his best to be so clutch we can do a top 10 list on him beating the buzzer, the team has had minimal success this season. Going in to today’s game against the Boston College Eagles, the Seminoles are 13-11, 5-6 in the ACC.

Luckily for FSU fans, Boston College isn’t exactly world-beaters either, 11-13, 3-8 ACC. The chance the Seminoles have by playing a team of lesser talents could end up being the best kind of blessing going forward. The in-conference schedule for FSU has been rough, considering they play in a strong ACC league, so whenever they have a chance to face a team as poor as Boston College, they have to take advantage.

However, this isn’t a give me game for FSU, a mental letdown after their loss to the Miami Hurricanes is more probable than possible. Even their center, Kiel Turpin, is still talking about the loss to The U while gearing up for their game against the Eagles:

“Treat everyone like it’s Miami. Everyone is capable of beating anybody at this point. And I think we learned the hard way when we played Wake Forest. And, hopefully, we won’t do that again.”

He is right that everyone is capable of beating anybody but the FSU players need to let go of the Miami game and focus on BC. I also like how he somehow put down the Wake Forest Demon Deacons in the quote. I mean, the Seminoles did lose to them already this year, so why take a shot at a team like that when your squad isn’t that much better. Turpin should know they play the Demon Deacons one more time this year and could look pretty stupid if they were to fall to them again.

I’m not sure what Florida State has left in their mental gas tanks. Still talking about their loss to Miami, taking a small shot at Wake Forest, while their season has fallen apart at the seams.

Oh, and Turpin only scores five points per game, so someone might want to tell him he shouldn’t be talking. Or at least talk trash about the team they are going to play next. I am sure he didn’t mean anything horrible by what he said, but he basically told Wake Forest that FSU is better despite the Demon Deacons already beating them. Weird, backwards trash talk from a guy who plays 15 minutes a game.

You would think he’d have more time to practice talking smack.

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