Kansas State Wildcats Looking to Bounce Back After Big 12 Thumping

By Joseph Nardone
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas State Wildcats have had a very successful season so far. Currently rocking a 19-5 overall record, there have been very few blemishes on the Wildcats’ tournament resume. Well, that was until instate rivals, the Kansas Jayhawks decided to end their losing streak by beating the Sam Cadoodlebecks out of Kansas State in their last game.

However, the Wildcats will look to move on today as they face off against the Baylor Bears. The Bears are in a little bit of a reloading year rather than being the beast that they were last season. Yet, it doesn’t equate for an easy victory for Kansas State. The Wildcats are likely mentally shaken after the beat down they just received.

This game will tell us a lot about K-State. We will find out if they are tough enough to handle getting smacked around and bounce back with a victory. Not that there is much of a regular season left to worry about, but it will be a good way to gauge Kansas State’s mental toughness, which is something you need to have to make it deep in the NCAA Tournament.

Before the Jayhawks curb-stomped the Wildcats, Kansas State was starting to get a lot of national buzz. While the noise is starting to subside, it doesn’t mean all hope is lost on the team. The journey to regain a little national relevance starts today against a slightly above-average Baylor team.

What say you Kansas State, are you tough like a 35 cent piece of jerky or soft like a man after his visit with a street-walker?

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