Notre Dame Fighting Irish Praying for No More Overtimes in Big East

By Joseph Nardone
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish are going to tip-off against the Providence Friars in a few mere moments. The game against the Friars is coming right after the Irish have won back to back games that required extra periods. However, being that they are playing the Friars, it is only fitting that the Irish are going to pray for a win without the need for overtime.

It isn’t that they aren’t a lot better than Providence, although the same could have been said about the DePaul Blue Demons before that game went to OT, but Notre Dame is likely fatigued and another overtime game will do nothing but add to it. The Irish need to mop the floor with the Friars and put them away as quickly as possible. They can no longer allow lesser teams to hang around or it could come back and bite them in the rear-end.

Double-negatives aside, the Irish are a lot better than the Friars. The Irish were a lot better than DePaul but let them stick around. The Irish have two options today: Let the Friars force another game to go to overtime and putting unnecessary minutes on the players’ legs or beat them to the ground like they should have been doing to bad teams from the start.

Notre Dame can’t afford anymore overtime games, at least not this soon, fresh legs is something they need going down the stretch and heading into tournament season. But hey, if they want to play an extra frame again today, I won’t complain.

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