South Carolina Gamecocks Coach Frank Martin Talks Zombies (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The South Carolina Gamecocks haven’t gotten the proper national attention they deserve. Not because they are good, but because their head coach is an insane, mean looking madman(I mean that in the nicest way possible). Frank Martin not only looks like he hates the game of basketball as he coaches it, he also seems to be an avid follower of zombie movies. No, no, don’t be confused. It is perfectly normal for a man to love zombie movies. However, what isn’t as normal is talking about them after losing a basketball game.

I can’t do Martin justice, his ability to give a backhanded compliment to one of his players, while ripping brand new holes into the others, is all kinds of special. However, Martin is one of the best guys doing press conferences these days. His time at the podium is only trumped by a select few of his college coaching brethren. Oh fine, just watch as the madman goes a little madder for a few minutes.

Now, I am not entirely sure of what/whom/in the hell Martin’s motivational tactics were there. While I am a huge zombie fan, I do know that it would be very hard for a person playing a zombie to win an Academy Award. I also know very few of the braindead who can dunk a basketball or take a jumper. What is the strangest part of the presser is his calming demeanor for the first few seconds.

I didn’t know Martin had that kind of patience in him.

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