Florida Deserves A No. 1 Seed in 2013 NCAA Tournament

By Trevor Lowry
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Many teams could make a great case for being a No. 1 seed in the 2013 NCAA Tournament and the Florida Gators are definitely one of those teams.

Florida is currently 21-3 on the year, with a 11-1 record in the SEC. The SEC may be down this year, but other than the loss to Arkansas, Florida is annihilating teams in this conference.

The Gators beat Missouri, who seemed to be a threat to them at the time, by 31 points. Then there was Ole Miss, who actually looked really good. Once again, Florida won that game, but the Rebels only lost by 14 in that contest which isn’t too bad compared to the other SEC teams. Okay, Kentucky was red hot and surely the Gators’ rival would challenge them for the regular season title, right? Wrong. Florida won that game by 17 points.

Florida has also beaten Wisconsin by 18, Marquette by 33 and Florida State by 25. Marquette and Wisconsin are both currently ranked in the top 25.

Sure, the Gators lost two non-conference games to Arizona (by 1) and Kansas State (by 6), but both of those teams are two of the best in the country and were both played on the road essentially.

Billy Donovan has a group of kids this year that play defense with as much effort as it does offense.

The Gators are clearly one of the best teams in the country and their resume alone shows that they should earn a No. 1 seed in the big dance. Other teams may have more quality wins, but no one is winning games by as many points as Florida has been all season long.

If the Gators win both the SEC regular season title and their conference tournament, there is no doubt that they will get a No. 1 seed and at this point there is really no one who can stop Florida from doing so.


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