Maryland Students Flash Mob at Comcast Center (Video)

By Anthony Lenahan
Mitch Stringer-USA Today Sports

One of the best parts about college basketball is the students.  The students get so involved with the sport and provide energy to the players.  A great student section provides for a big home court advantage and that is one thing the Maryland Terrapins have.  Their student section and fans provided a loud atmosphere and were a huge reason their Terrapins were able to upset No. 2 Duke.

Yesterday, the students at Maryland organized and produced an extraordinary feat.  First of all they completed a three-color out where every other section was wearing red, white, or yellow for Maryland colors.  That itself looked really neat and was greatly organized, but it wasn’t the coolest thing they did.

During halftime, the students organized a flash mob and then later did a Harlem Shake dance.  I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Harlem Shake as it has become extremely popular over the last week and there are millions of them all over the web.  The flash mob Maryland pulled off was crazy.  Different sections were doing different things and it was just a phenomenal product.

It isn’t as easy or entertaining to explain so take a look at the flash mob and Harlem Shake that Maryland pulled off:

Extremely organized and perfectly executed led to a perfect flash mob.  The students were into the game the whole game and were a major factor in the Maryland victory.

I just want to know how they were able to organize something like that with so many people.  You can’t really practice doing that, can you?

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