Arizona Wildcats Snap Two Game Pac 12 Skid

By Joseph Nardone
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats have quietly been one of the best teams in the nation all season. Imagine, really to nobody’s surprise, the negative reaction the Wildcats received after losing two games in a row. Folks love to overreact (Not this guy though) and want to have end of the world type explanations for everything, even if it’s just two losses that happened to be in a row.

Arizona, 21-4 overall record, decided to end their losing streak by barely getting by the Utah Utes. However, through the grace of 24 hour sports coverage, experts are analyzing the win to the point of my eyes trying to escape out of my head (I’d leave me as well, if given the chance). What everyone has to realize is that a game is sometimes just a game. Not a meaningful fact-filled treasure chest in which you can figure out the direction of a program.

Yes, the Wildcats victory was important, as it snapped a two game losing streak. No, because they barely won doesn’t make it any less of a win. Stop, dissecting the Utah game down to the point of every mundane inbound pass isn’t going to help figure out if this team will make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Probably, Arizona is in a good position to bounce back as their next two games are against poor teams. I don’t know, does going on a three game winning streak after losing two in a row mean they are mentally tough.

Those are just some of the topics folks are going to talk about when discussing the Wildcats. My answers, while not giving any foresight, are about the only honest ones out there. Arizona is good, a two game losing streak happened. Move on, that’s all there was to it. Let’s not make a mountain out of a Solomon-Mole- Hill.

Joe is a Senior Writer for Rant Sports and didn’t write this article just to use the Solomon Hill line(Although it was awfully clever!). For the love of Sam Cassell, follow Joe on the Twitter Machine @JosephNardone

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