Butler's "Blue II" To Retire This Week

By Corey Elliot

The Butler Bulldogs mascot, Blue II, will retire at the end of this season.

No, this isn’t a joke.

Butler University has had the next mascot, Blue III, or better known as “trip”, training for almost a year now. The current mascot Blue II was one of the most popular college animal mascots of the last few years—especially at the final four two years in a row.

The mascot will have a ceremony prior to the home game against Xavier this week to pass the torch down to Trip and officially begin his days as a retired mascot doing a lot of nothing. This “changing of the collar” will be an actual pre-game event that will introduce Trip, but the bigger story is Trip’s actual collar that he will be given.

Reis-Nichols jeweler of Indianapolis is currently working on a collar that had sterling silver studs for all three Butler Blue mascots. But seriously? A jeweler for a dog collar?

Which brings me to the significance of all this. Live mascots in college sports are awesome. There’s something about a dog sitting on the baseline of a basketball court all game without soiling the hardwood around it that just tickles me. How any trainer can get not one, not two, but now three dogs to remain obedient and calm throughout a big game with a raucous crowd is impressive.

I am all for it. In fact, I think LSU should mix things up a bit and let their live tiger mascot off the leash at basketball games as well. Hell, why not go the extra mile for every college mascot? Could you imagine a live gator at Florida games chilling on the baseline?

Butler does it the right way start to finish. More colleges should take note, but, then again I’m not quite sure what a Hoosier is, so that may be a problem for Indiana. Either way, I like this news – who doesn’t like an adorable English Bull Dog dressed in a little vest saying his goodbyes?

Hopefully he invested a lot into his 401k, because it’s hard to retire these days

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