California Head Coach Mike Montgomery Shoves Allen Crabbe (Video)

By Paul Seaver
Bob Stanton-USA Today Sports

The California Golden Bears have made a recent surge as of late and have found themselves battling amongst the middle of the pack within the Pac-12 Conference.

On Sunday night, Cal recorded their third consecutive victory and fifth over the course of the past six games. In addition, their hot play recently has catapulted them into the NCAA Tournament discussion at 16-9 overall.

Their win on Sunday night over USC kept the Golden Bears’ momentum alive, but not without a few potential fireworks along the sidelines. Some people are going to have their differing thoughts and opinions on the exchange between Cal head coach Mike Montgomery and star guard Allen Crabbe, however the situation really shouldn’t be blown out of proportion.

During a timeout, Montgomery, who appeared quite agitated with Crabbe, went up to him and shove him in the chest. Crabbe did not overreact and instead was grabbed by Richard Solomon who appeared to be getting in the middle of Crabbe and Montgomery.

Overall however, it appeared that Montgomery was simply trying to get Crabbe fired up. The reaction from the Golden Bears’ leading scorer suggests that, as well. He did not overreact, he simply appeared to walk away and blow off some steam.

Take a look at the video clip below of the exchange below:

As you can tell later in the clip, Montgomery subs Crabbe back in almost seconds after the exchange and timeout. In the victory, Crabbe scored 23 points and grabbed ten rebounds in the victory, so it appears that the Trojans got the brunt of his anger. Crabbe is averaging 19.8 points per game on the season.


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