Gonzaga Bulldogs Are Pushing For Two Number Ones

By bertdesalvo
Mark Few Gonzaga Bulldogs
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The Gonzaga Bulldogs are pushing their way towards the top of the AP and Coaches Polls. The Bulldogs now sit in third place in each poll.

Overall, the Bulldogs are 25-2, and boast the nation’s best record, most wins and highest winning percentage. They could easily be undefeated or have one loss at this point in their season as well.

Gonzaga’s only two loses were to the ranked No. 13 Illinois Fighting Illini in early December at home, and a buzzer-beater loss against the No. 13 Butler Bulldogs in mid-January, which if it were not for an errant inbound pass, they would have won.

Not only are the Bulldogs pushing for a No. 1 rankings, which could set a precedent felt for years to come in college basketball, they are also vying for a No. 1 seed in this year’s NCAA Tournament.

Imagine the Bulldogs being a No. 1 seed and also the No. 1 ranked team in the nation.

What message would that send to teams in the so-called power conferences? It would be a major embarrassment for the power conferences to let a “mid-major” from Washington State steal their thunder.

Now it can be argued that Gonzaga has been on the college basketball scene for over a decade, so they really are not a mid-major and that is definitely true.

Either way, one thing is for sure if the Bulldogs do pull off this No. 1 seeding and ranking, it would be a scheduling nightmare for them as nobody in any of the power conferences would want to play Gonzaga from here on out.

Nevertheless, the recruiting impact that it could have on them would be worth it.

They have two more spots to move into before they can smile at everyone looking up at them.

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