Kansas State Wildcats Hold Serve on Monday Night

By bertdesalvo
Jordan Henriquez Kansas State Wildcats
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The Kansas State Wildcats did what they were supposed to do against an inferior West Virginia Mountaineers. They won by a ten point margin, 71-61.

The game was probably not even that close because if it wasn’t for a few late shots made by West Virginia when the game was clearly over.

The game also was very chippy. The Mountaineers received two technical fouls and every call, or no call, was contested with the officials. Even Head Coach Bruce Weber, as his team was winning and trying to run out the clock, thought one of his players was fouled and vehemently complained and stomped down the sideline at the end of the to shake the hands of the opposing team.

He was not happy.

Anyway, the only real lingering question coming out of tonight’s game is will starting point guard Angel Rodriguez have a nagging injury when the Wildcats play the Texas Longhorns on Feb. 23? Rodriguez who had 11 points and seven assists in the game tonight, is depended upon not just for his on-court production, but also for his leadership and court vision, seemed to bang his hip region during the game versus the Mountaineers.

The Wildcats are temporarily in first place and will be joined by the winner of the Kansas Jayhawks and Oklahoma State Cowboys game on Wednesday night. Prior to tonight’s game, all three teams were knotted with 9-3 records.

If the Wildcats can get a Cowboys win on Wednesday night and then the Wildcats win the rest of their regular season games, including their finale against the Cowboys, they will outright win the Big 12.

That would be a huge feat for Weber in his first year at the helm. Although he would not have beaten the Jayhawks in either of their regular season games, we would break Kansas Head Coach Bill Self’s streak of eight consecutive Big 12 titles.

All good things are made to be broken…or so Weber hopes.

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