Notre Dame Fighting Irish Looking for Big East Conference Bounce Back

By Joseph Nardone
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish had an abomination of a basketball game in their last outing. Losing to a team, despite it being a hot team, like the Providence Friars is unacceptable for a team whose aspirations are to go dancing deep in the month of March. However, all can be well for the Irish, as they have another Big East match-up later today.

Notre Dame is only one and a half games back for the conference lead. Although, I doubt that their main objective is to win the league. A team as skilled as the Irish likely have their goals set a little higher. But to have losses to teams that you are clearly better than, makes one wonder if Notre Dame is that good to begin with. Remember, this is the same team who was forced to an extra frame by the atrocious DePaul Blue Demons.

Nobody is questioning their talent, but maybe the Irish’s mental toughness isn’t as strong as the overtime victories would lead you to believe. Not taking anything away from the red-hot Friars, but a team like Notre Dame isn’t supposed to lose to a team like Providence, not if they are supposed to be a team who goes deep in March.

However, letdown games happen, to every team in the country. If Notre Dame were to win their next one, the loss to the Friars would just be a blip on the radar. A win and all is forgiven in South Bend.

Winning cures all, winning immediately after losing to a team you are supposed to better than, is much better. Being that their next game is against the Pittsburgh Panthers, on the road, winning might prove more elusive than the Irish may have wished. That blip on the radar, might become a losing streak, which can turn into a trend.

Sometimes one loss is just more than one loss and oddly, sometimes it isn’t. Like everything in this world, only the next opportunity matters. For the Irish, it is time to decide if their loss to the Friars was a blip or the start of a trend.

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