Illinois Fighting Illini Fans Invade Big 10 Foes Tricycle Race (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I am not going to pretend I know every single ounce of “Krush” history or doings. However, I do know they are members of the Illinois Fighting Illini fanbase which root for their team, regardless if home or away. Then there is the case of the Northwestern Wildcats, a not so swell of a hoops program, who apparently can’t tell when someone is wearing a bright orange shirt under a bright purple shirt.

Besides the fact that the three members of Krush probably felt like a walking fruit-loop, they had a really good time as their Illini smacked around the Wildcats. But not only did they enjoy their program destroying Northwestern, the Krush members also invaded some kind of tricycle race that is held on the court.

No, I haven’t the slightest clue why tricycle races happen for Northwestern home games, but here is the three Krush members tricking a group of smart people:

It should be worth noting that it took four shots to make three baskets. Come on members of Krush, those were uncontested lay-ups and you couldn’t nail all three without having to take an extra shot?  Although, kudos are in order for fooling whoever was in charge of a tricycle race at Northwestern. I can only assume the person in charge was not a student or a faculty member, as Northwestern is known as an academic powerhouse.

But if it was, well, this is a prime example on why the Northwestern basketball program can’t have nice things.

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