Marquette Golden Eagles in a Four Way Big East Conference Battle

By Joseph Nardone
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Marquette Golden Eagles are one of three teams tied for first in the Big East Conference. Along with the Georgetown Hoyas and the Syracuse Orange, Marquette is in a situation where they can leave the last relevant Big East regular season as champions. There is a theme here as well, as the Golden Eagles were not even considered a threat to compete for the championship, in the preseason that honor belonged to the Louisville Cardinals.

All of that was the continued trend of Marquette getting little to no love from any of us experts. Buzz Williams, their head coach, still goes widely unnoticed as one of the best in the nation, Vander Blue only gets attention for all the wrong reasons(As in, people not liking his ability), and the Golden Eagles as a whole continue to be overshadowed by more “Name” teams.

It seems as if, even though they are tied in first, the theme is continuing. Louisville (Only a half game back), Syracuse, and Georgetown look like every expert’s pick as one of the teams to emerge from the cluttered top of the standings. Which is fine, if they weren’t to ignore how strong and consistent this Marquette team has been all year.

I honestly don’t know if the Golden Eagles will go on a run to end the year and finish atop of the Big East, nor does it really matter considering all teams involved rather a successful March than a solid February. But I do know this, for the love of Sam Cassell, pay more attention to Marquette from not until forever.

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