Miami Hurricanes President Donna Shalala Should Shush

By Joseph Nardone
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA has decided that (only) 20 percent of their findings against the Miami Hurricanes came in a fashion that was wrong(See, illegal). Whether or not the Hurricanes did anything wrong did not stop their president, Donna Shalala, from releasing a self-serving statement. In part(credited to Deadspin), here is the what she had to say in her statement:

“We believe strongly in the principles and values of fairness and due process. However, we have been wronged in this investigation, and we believe that this process must come to a swift resolution, which includes no additional punitive measures beyond those already self-imposed.

“In September 2010-two and a half years ago-the University of Miami advised the NCAA of allegations made by a convicted felon against former players and, at that time, we pledged our full cooperation with any investigation into the matter. One year later, in August 2011, when the NCAA’s investigation into alleged rules violations was made public, I pledged we would ‘vigorously pursue the truth, wherever that path may lead’ and insisted upon ‘complete, honest, and transparent cooperation with the NCAA from our staff and students.’

“The University of Miami has lived up to those promises, but sadly the NCAA has not lived up to their own core principles. The lengthy and already flawed investigation has demonstrated a disappointing pattern of unprofessional and unethical behavior.”

Okay, the NCAA was wrong(As per the usual), but Shalala needs to shut her trap hole. I really enjoy their college hoops team this year so I hate to have to rain on the new Swag U basketball era, but shhh. I think I speak for everyone in the history of the world when I say, enough is enough.

We have gotten to a point where the NCAA’s ineptitude is being used as a reason where a university is trying to crawl out of a scandal, and I could care less. Miami, Shalala, if you don’t like how things are handled then succeed from the NCAA. NCAA, if you think your governing body has holes in it, fire from the top, then work your way down, don’t attack the underlings first. For both of you parties, stop punishing kids for the most confusing reasons while you continue to make millions off of them.

The NCAA is claiming that their VP of Enforcement did not inform Mark Emmert of the infractions in which she was fired, which is really convenient. The NCAA is broken and a complete overhaul needs to happen. However, that shouldn’t give the Hurricanes a get out of jail free card.

In the end, like everything the NCAA is involved it, I am sure the only people who will actually lose here is the kids. Because you know, it is the kids who are supposed to know better, not the adults.

Anymore when seeing an NCAA story, an angel loses its wings, the proceeds to jump off a bridge.

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