Seton Hall Pirates are on an Epic Losing Streak in Big East Conference

By Joseph Nardone
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The Seton Hall Pirates are not even remotely the worst basketball program in the Big East Conference. The battle of basketball abomination is currently being held between the DePaul Blue Demons and the South Florida Bulls. However, the Pirates are not that much further ahead of them in the race of being slightly above horrible.

Seton Hall has a whopping, massive two wins in Big East play, highlighted by the fact those wins game against the two teams who are battling it out for abomination dominance. So the fact the Pirates only have two conference wins, albeit to those “programs”, shows just how inept they have been this year. Although, that is only part of their journey of atrocity.

The Pirates are currently on a seven game streak, not the winning kind either. Their last win came pre-Chinese Army hacking the United States but post New Year’s debauchery(January 23rd to be exact). Seven losses in a row is a bad way to try to stay competitive, but it is even worse when there is no hope in sight.

The remaining schedule for Seton Hall is full of Big East teams that have already curb-stomped them. We can realistically see Seton Hall finish their season with a 14 game losing streak. This is bad, very bad.

While most of the attention for being horrible goes to teams like DePaul, the Pirates need to worry they might soon join them. There is nothing like being a losing team in college sports, but to make the move from bad to bottom-feeder is even worse.

I am rooting for you Pirates, go out there and win one. Please, just win at least one.

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