California Golden Bears Coach Mike Montgomery Gives Backhanded Apology

By Joseph Nardone
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Accountability is becoming increasingly more elusive to people these days. Nobody wants to accept responsibilities for their own actions, but rather push the blame onto someone else who has “wronged them”. As fun as that may be for a 14 year-old schoolgirl/boy, a grown man should be better at being accountable for his own actions. So it was rather disheartening to see California Golden Bears coach Mike Montgomery get in some trouble for shoving his own player, Allen Crabbe, only to claim innocence after.

Thankfully, Montgomery is now singing a different tune. On a Tuesday Pac 12 conference call, Montgomery finally started to own up to his actions:

”There’s no excuse. I’ve been doing this 31 years. There’s no excuse. I know better. It’s totally out of character for me. I think things have changed in terms of how you can deal with kids. There’s a heightened sensitivity to these kind of things but that doesn’t change it. But there’s nothing that makes it right. I was wrong. You have to just acknowledge that and push forward.”

Was that a form of a backhanded apology? Why bring up the ” heightened sensitivity”? Was it okay back in the day or something? Maybe I am being cynical here, but isn’t an apology supposed to be an act of admitting you are wrong, and not something where you drop little hints of why folks became in an uproar to begin with?

Regardless, Montgomery’s track record isn’t one with incidences of player abuse. Hopefully, for all involved, this was just a one-time deal and we can all move along. Monty even called Crabbe’s father to offer an apology; while that doesn’t give him a pass, it does show that he might actually feel real regret in his actions.

Right or wrong, using the excuse of a motivational tactic to hit someone is awful, regardless if it “worked”. I don’t see CEOs going around shoving their accountants to fix their financial reports better. But because it is sports, it is kind of okay, as long as it works.

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