Villanova Wildcats Rebounding Their Way to the NCAA Tournament

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Is there a more confusing team in college basketball than the Villanova Wildcats? I think not. Through 27 games, Nova has 17 wins with a bunch of great victories but a slew of equally as disappointing losses. There is almost no way to break down the Wildcats while being able to act like you know what you’re actually talking about. Statistically speaking, Villanova is one of the most inefficient offensive teams in the nation, only making .41 percent of the baskets it takes as a team.

Nonetheless, there are more ways to be a competitive basketball team than putting the ball in the basket. This is what Nova head coach Jay Wright has figured out. The Wildcats are not only becoming a much stronger defensive team as the season goes on, they have literally rebounded their way into having a shot at making the NCAA Tournament.

Villanova rebounds at a rate of over 37 boards a game, good for being the 61st ranked rebounding team in the country. Not only is the number in itself impressive, it has granted the offensively challenged Wildcats much needed second chance baskets. For a team as impotent on the offensive end as Nova is, every extra look at the basket is even more important than the first.

Still, the Wildcats need to win out the regular season to have a chance to make the dance. Losing to horrible teams, like they did early on, has put them in a situation where their March Madness has started a few weeks early. A tough schedule is still ahead of them, but if anyone can rebound after a tough start, it’s Villanova.

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