College Basketball: Week 15 SEC Power Rankings

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SEC Power Rankings

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Leading into the final weeks of February, we really have a good idea on where teams stand in the SEC. There will, of course, be some upsets in the conference, but for the most part the conference will not be affected a hole lot leading into March.

As we saw last night, the Florida Gators may not have this conference wrapped up just yet. The Missouri Tigers got a big win at home against the Gators.

Florida now has two losses in conference play, while Alabama has just three. Although the Crimson Tide do not have anywhere near the resume that Florida has, I wouldn’t count Alabama out just yet, especially since these two teams will meet on Mar. 2.

Realistically, four teams will likely represent the SEC in the NCAA tournament, but there are still six teams in this conference fighting for a bid, minus Florida.

With Nerlens Noel going down for Kentucky and not a standout No. 2 team in the conference, the SEC is wide open and there should be some great games down the stretch.

Remember just a year ago, Florida and Vanderbilt were clearly the best teams in the conference--behind Kentucky, of course--but Tennessee played great down the stretch and earned a No. 2 seed in the conference tournament.

The Volunteers surprisingly enough did not make the NCAA tournament. That could very well be the case for Alabama this season.

Anyways, not much has changed at the top of this conference, but it is yet another week in the SEC Power Rankings.

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14. Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-18, 2-11 SEC)

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The Mississippi State Bulldogs are great at losing games this season. In fact, the Bulldog have lost 11 in a row and don’t look like they will win a game any time soon.

However, Mississippi State actually played pretty good against Alabama or it at least did not get blown out for once.

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13. Auburn Tigers (9-17, 3-10 SEC)

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Auburn’s last three out of its five games will be played on the road, which means its woes will likely continue. The Tigers have only won one road game all season long. This team will also have to play Ole Miss, Alabama and Tennessee still, which is even worse news.

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12. South Carolina Gamecocks (13-13, 3-10 SEC)

south carolina
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After a six-game losing streak, the South Carolina Gamecocks got a huge victory over Ole Miss. Coach Frank Martin will take any win he can get right now, especially over the Rebels who still have a good shot at dancing this year.

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11. Vanderbilt Commodores (10-15, 4-9 SEC)

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Give Vanderbilt credit for playing a close game on the road against Kentucky, but it still came up short by the score of 74-70.

The Commodores have been in contention to win its last seven games, but only won two of those games. If Vanderbilt knew how to win close games than its SEC season would definitely look much different.

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10. Texas A&M Aggies (16-10, 6-7 SEC)

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Texas A&M has been a weird team as of late. The Aggies beat Missouri and then they lost to Georgia. They beat Ole Miss and then they lose to Vanderbilt. Well, at least Texas A&M was able to beat Auburn in its last game.

After starting the conference off with two straight wins, Texas A&M is 3-7. That is just not going to get the job done, that is if a team wants to make the NCAA tournament.

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9. LSU Tigers (15-9, 6-7 SEC)

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If LSU did not start off conference play with four losses, the Tigers would likely be in contention for the No. 2 seed in the SEC tournament.

Since that horrible start, LSU is 6-3, including a victory over Missouri.

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8. Georgia Bulldogs (12-13, 6-6 SEC)

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Georgia has lost its past two games, but those losses did come against Alabama and Ole Miss. Before those two losses, the Bulldogs were on a five-game winning streak.

Georgia did absolutely horribly in its non-conference schedule, but has been relatively successful in SEC play. If only this team had two Kentavious Caldwell-Popes.

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7. Tennessee Volunteers (15-10, 7-6 SEC)

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Out of nowhere, the Tennessee Volunteers are finally playing good basketball. Tennessee is winners of four straight and although those victories haven’t been to the most quality opponents in the world--minus Kentucky-- that is just how it is in this conference.

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6. Ole Miss Rebels (19-7, 8-5 SEC)

ole miss
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The Ole Miss Rebels have had a very up and down season in conference play. Before playing Florida, the Rebels looked like they could possibly challenge the Gators for an SEC title, but have lost five out of seven.

With all of that said, nothing was worse than losing to South Carolina. Ole Miss has not been considered as a bubble team all season long, but that loss could have done it for them.

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5. Arkansas Razorbacks (16-9, 7-5 SEC)

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Arkansas has beaten both Missouri and Florida in the past two weeks. Those are two good wins no matter who you are. It is unfortunate that the Razorbacks lost to Vanderbilt right after beating the Gators, but this team is starting to climb up the SEC standings.

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4. Kentucky Wildcats (18-8, 9-4 SEC)

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Kentucky is 1-1 without Nerlens Noel, but it could very easily be 0-2 after just barely clipping Vanderbilt at home.

The Wildcats are still a tournament team in my book, but they have a tough SEC schedule down the stretch and they could very easily increase their seed or get kicked out of the tournament field altogether, depending on how they finish down the stretch.

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3. Alabama Crimson Tide (18-8, 10-3 SEC)

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Alabama is just a game back in the SEC standings and in the Crimson Tide’s minds they are definitely capable of winning the regular season title. However, this team will definitely have to earn it, having both Florida and Ole Miss left on the schedule.

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2. Missouri Tigers (19-7, 8-5 SEC)

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The Missouri Tigers needed a big victory and they got it against the Florida Gators at home this week. Being three games back, this team will likely not be able to win an SEC regular season title this year, but it can still finish strong and enter the NCAA tournament with momentum.

Although Laurence Bowers did not play in the first matchup, the Tigers lost by 31 points against Florida. Give Missouri all of the credit in the world for coming back from a double-digit deficit at home and for beating a team that blew them out earlier in the year.

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1. Florida Gators (21-4, 11-2 SEC)

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The Florida Gators definitely look vulnerable now, losing two of their last five games. However, both of those games did come on the road. Not to mention, both Arkansas and Missouri never lose at home.

Florida is still by far the best team in this conference, but it has to start playing its game. The Gators fell in love with the three-ball against Missouri after starting off very hot from behind the arc. However, once you start missing threes it would probably be best to go inside, especially when this team has Patric Young.

Next up, the Gators will play Arkansas. This is very bad news for the Razorbacks, since Florida will want to avenge its loss against them a couple of weeks ago and it has not lost consecutive games all season long.

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