Florida State Seminoles Playing for ACC Pride

By Joseph Nardone
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

To say that all there is left to play for is pride is the same thing as saying that a team has had a poor season. While the Florida State Seminoles season hasn’t lacked excitement, it has lacked a fair amount of success.

FSU (14-12) still has five games left on their ACC schedule, but they aren’t even going to be able to play the role of spoilers. Of the five games left, the teams that the Seminoles are going to play are either so bad their season is over, or pretty much a shoe-in for a pair of NCAA Tournament slippers.

All that’s left for Florida State is playing for some pride.

That doesn’t mean FSU can’t add some Seminole lore to their exciting season. Maybe guard Michael Snaer can add to his already 345 billion buzzer-beaters, or pull off an upset or two along the way. But in reality, considering most expected next season to be their breakout year anyways, FSU is likely going to play the same mediocre form of hoops it played all season.

For someone like Snaer, going out with a flurry of wins can help ease the pain of an unsuccessful final campaign. Technically, FSU isn’t out of the running to make the tourney. I mean, all they have to do is win the rest of their games, and three more in the ACC Tournament. Not too much to ask for, yes?

Florida State isn’t as bad as their record indicates, but they aren’t that good either. They have added some incredible moments to an already wild college basketball season. I guess the only question left is, do they have any of those moments left?

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