Indiana Needs to Avoid Hangover After Huge Win

By Connor Muldowney
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

It was the biggest win that the Indiana Hoosiers have had all season long, and there’s no doubt a celebration ensued in Bloomington when they arrived home, but Tom Crean has to make sure there is no letdown after a huge road win against Michigan State.

Amidst all of the controversy with the Derrick Nix versus Cody Zeller confrontation, the Hoosiers remained calm, cool and collected as they picked up their first win in East Lansing since 1991.

Crean has the Hoosiers at their strongest and most competitive level as a program since the Bob Knight days, and that has people in Bloomington buzzing about the resurgence of Indiana basketball.

The Hoosiers are the No. 1 team in the country and they prove exactly why, week after week. They began the season as the top team. Three months and 27 games later, they find themselves being chased once again with the target squarely on their backs and the sky being the limit.

However, there comes a time in almost every team’s season where a big win is achieved and the following, seemingly-winnable game goes awry and the team suffers a ‘hangover’. This could be the case with the Hoosiers as they face Minnesota on the road next Tuesday.

Although this is by no means an easy win, the Hoosiers will be favored against the once-promising Gopher squad.

This team has not been used to being chased by others since many players were on the team when they missed the tournament two seasons ago with a 12-win season and an even worse season the year before that. With no experience prior to this season and last season coming off of a huge win, a hangover may be inevitable.

Even with teams that are used to coming off of big wins, ‘hangovers’ are sometimes just a part of the season. Sometimes in life, you celebrate too much and end up regretting it the next day, the same goes for basketball teams, and Crean will try to make sure that doesn’t happen with his talented Hoosiers.

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