No Conference Has Been More Disappointing This Season than the SEC

By Taylor Sturm
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the preseason, where there was supposed to be a free-for-all at the top of the SEC between Florida, Kentucky, and Missouri? Where Kentucky was going to come back and win back to back national championships with a mostly freshmen roster? Where Tennessee was supposed to be a quiet darkhorse? Where Phil Pressey was the best player in the country? Yeah, me either.

No league in the entire country has been as disappointing as the SEC. High expectations were met with disappointing losses, injuries, and lackadaisical play. What happened?

Florida seems to beat everyone they play by twenty points and then lose close games, after excelling at pulling off winning close games last year. The Gators miss Bradley Beal at point.

Tennessee couldn’t play offense at the end of November, and defense at the start of January. All-SEC forward Jeronne Maymon has been medical redshirted, and it looks like the Volunteers won’t make the NCAA tournament.

Missouri can’t stay healthy and doesn’t seem capable of stopping a team with one star player (See losses to Marshall Henderson and Ole Miss, Elston Turner and Texas A&M, and Johnny O’Bryant III and LSU). Surprisingly, Laurence Bowers, not Pressey is the Tigers’ key player.

Kentucky was the most disappointing of all. Ranked number three to start the season, the Wildcats lost more games in the first month of the season than in the entirety of last season. Kentucky will also most likely not make the tournament.

Overall, it’s been a very disappointing year for the SEC. In the best case scenario, four teams make it to the NCAA tournament; in the worst case scenario, two teams make it to the NCAA tournament. Hopefully this is a transition year, and next year the SEC will come back strong.

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