Syracuse Orange Coach Jim Boeheim Shows Ignorance In Wake Of Vincent Council's Big East Record

By Ben Grimaldi
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Last night, the Syracuse Orange won a game they were supposed to win. After all, they are ranked number eight in the country, and they were home against the Providence College Friars. PC has won four straight and are playing better basketball, but ‘Cuse is clearly the better team, and it showed in last night’s win.

However, you would think Syracuse would have been humble in victory, and not classless in beating a Big East counterpart.

The game itself really wasn’t as bad as it seemed. The Friars didn’t play as poorly as the score read, but it got away from them in a key five minute stretch near the end of the first half when the Friars defense failed them, and they turned the ball over too much. Syracuse capitalized on the mistakes and found their groove in a 31-4 run that locked the game away.

Truth be told though, PC played hard, scrappy basketball but missed a ton of easy shots that they usually make.

In the end, the score didn’t look pretty for the Friars as they lost the game 84-59, but the one great thing that came out of the game was that PC guard Vincent Council became the Big East’s all-time leader in assists when he threw a beautiful bounce pass to LaDontae Henton for the jam in the first half.

Council passed former Syracuse great Sherman Douglas on that list last night, and apparently Jim Boeheim didn’t approve of Council breaking his former player’s record. Instead of choosing to accept the win and congratulate Council on breaking a great record, Boehiem went in another direction.

“Sherman only played three years. His freshman year, he had somebody named Washington ahead of him so he didn’t get to play that year,” SU coach Jim Boeheim said, referring to Pearl Washington. “I don’t think anybody would break his record in three years.”

Great job, coach. Way to act to like the elitist snob that everyone thinks you are.

I understand he wanted one of his guys to have the record, but disparaging another player for his accomplishments is extremely petty and uncalled for. I wonder what Boeheim would think if former North Carolina coach Dean Smith came out and said there is no way Jim Boeheim would have more wins than Smith if he hadn’t coached in an era where more games are played each year? And by the way, why did it take him longer to pass Smith on the wins list?

It’s called class, and Boeheim showed none of it last night. What difference does it make how long it took Council to break the record? It’s still an amazing accomplishment. I don’t hear Mark Jackson or any of the other top point guards in Big East history complaining about Council, so why did Boeheim feel the need to downgrade Council’s feat?

It doesn’t take much to congratulate a player, and Vincent Council deserves the record. He’s had a great career at PC, and no one should be taking away any credit due to Council for being the Big East’s all-time leader in assists. Not even you, Jim Boeheim, can take away his record.

Stay classy Jim, I hope it makes you sleep better at night.

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