St. Louis Billikens Play-By-Play Announcer Gets Confronted By Ref On Air

By Dan Parzych
(Scott Novak/USA Today Sports)

The St. Louis Billikens are playing their best basketball at the right time as they recently pulled off an impressive 76-62 victory over VCU on Tuesday for their eighth-straight win thanks to another solid performance by Jordair Jett. However, the highlight of the game may not have had anything to do with what was taking place on the court, but the commentators who were broadcasting the game from the side.

As you can see in the video above, the Billikens play-by-play announcer Bob Ramsey got into a minor altercation with referee Bo Borowski after Ramsey referred to a foul called on Dwayne Evans as “cheap” while on the air. Apparently, Borowski heard Ramsey make the comment about his call and decided to confront him about it while he was on the air–which Ramsey wasn’t afraid to tell him to back off.

Honestly, Ramsey had every right to call out the ref considering all he was doing was speaking his opinion about a certain play that took place on the court. Part of being the media is having the right to speak what’s on your mind and all Ramsey was doing is his job.

If anything, Borowski should be receiving the criticism for failing to just ignore what he heard and continue officiating the game like he’s paid to do. Instead, Borowski is now one of the laughing stocks of the internet for being called out by Ramsey live on the radio during the middle of Tuesday’s game.

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