Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin Says Notre Dame Game Was Unfair

By Jon Hancock
Mick Cronin Cincinnati
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The great actor Tom Hanks once said in the movie A League of Their Own, “There is no crying in baseball.” The same rule pretty much applies in every sport, including basketball. Apparently Cincinnati Bearcats coach Mick Cronin did not see that movie or he thinks that rule doesn’t apply to him.

In the Bearscats 21-point loss to No.25 Notre Dame Sunday, Cronin was shown arguing with the refs, yelling at his players and just displaying strange facial expressions. He was given a sideline warning by one ref after a little exchange. This isn’t really bizarre behavior for Cronin, in fact he usually acts a little goofy on the sideline of any game.

What was strange was his comments after the game about the officiating. He told ESPN radio, “I thought the game was unfairly officiated, and that is all I’ll say on that.” He then added, “I didn’t think it was real fair today. But we didn’t play well.”

Really Mick? I am sure the Big East and Cincinnati’s athletic director wont be too happy you decided to call out the refs. Although Cronin has mentioned a couple times this season that he thinks college basketball has gotten too physical, calling out the refs after a game look petty.

Cincinnati had 20 fouls called on them during the game, Notre Dame had 15. Not too bad of a deference. Most teams know when you play a road game that the home team is going to get the majority of the calls, it is the nature of the beast. But the Bearcats were 5-12 from the free throw line, so it isn’t like they were taking advantage of the calls they did get.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino, who mentored Cronin as an assistant before he took the Cincinnati job, says coaches should not argue with refs. It isn’t worth it, plus it makes the players think they can argue with the refs. It sounds like Cronin needs some more lessons from his old boss.

Cincinnati is likely headed to the NIT, unless something changes, but Cronin better be careful he doesn’t lose his job in the process. I am sure there will be an apology from the coach to the refs by tomorrow.


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