Marquette Golden Eagles Coach Buzz Williams Critical of Players' Effort

By Joseph Nardone
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The Marquette Golden Eagles are a team that has gone under the radar for some time. Even though the Golden Eagles have been near the top of the Big East Conference all season long, many have not noticed how good they actually are. However, head coach Buzz Williams continues to trot his team out game after game and they continue to enjoy success. Well, that was until their loss to the Villanova Wildcats on Saturday.

Not that a team isn’t allowed to lose every once in awhile, but guessing from Williams’ comments, it is on how you lose that determines whether or not the loss is a big deal. Williams, like every other coach in every other sport in the world, doesn’t appreciate it when he thinks his players are not trying to their fullest abilities. Here is Williams after the loss to Nova:

“We were not 10-3 (in the Big East) because we did something unique offensively or defensively. We weren’t 10-3 because we’re the most-talented or best-coached. We were in a position to be in a position because of how hard we played. And we did not play hard enough today.”

So basically, Williams was saying that his team is not talented nor is it coached well, but when they play hard they have a chance to win. Obviously I am joking and Williams didn’t mean exactly everything he said. The Golden Eagles have plenty of talent on their roster and Williams is one of the finest coaches in the nation.

This was likely just a moment where Williams felt he can rip into his team for failing. It isn’t like he had a lot of other opportunities to do so, that was only the Golden Eagles seventh loss on the season.

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