Texas Tech Red Raiders Junior Jaye Crockett With a Windmill Dunk (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

You can’t sugarcoat how bad of a year the Texas Tech Red Raiders are currently having(Don’t even mention the preseason which saw the whole Billy Gillispie saga). Saturday didn’t have a different outcome for the Red Raiders either. Texas Tech traveled to play a game against the Iowa State Cyclones then got their rear-ends handed to them as it has been done 16 previous times this season.

But you can’t keep a good showboat down. Despite the fact his team is horrible, even though your team shouldn’t risk leaving two points on the board for adding flair, Red Raiders junior Jaye Crockett did an in-game windmill dunk with his team down two points early in the first half. He made it, which means I will post it, but could you imagine the Red Raider nation going all bonkers on the kid if he had missed?

Let us take a look at a young man deciding a windmill dunk was far more important than an easy lay-up or routine slam:


Personally, I am not offended that a kid whose team stinks would attempt such a “look at me” maneuver. Sure, I have lambasted this entire article with subtle hints that I don’t enjoy Crockett’s ability to have any clue that his current surroundings don’t entitle him to hot-dogging around, but this has given me a chance to talk non-Gillispie related Texas Tech basketball since last year.

And for that Mr. Crockett, not only do I thank you, but kids of past and future summer camps thank-you.

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