West Virginia Mountaineers Coach Bob Huggins Nearing Insanity

By Joseph Nardone
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

To say that the West Virginia Mountaineers have struggled this season would be one of the biggest understatements of the year. Being 13-14, while Bob Huggins is the head coach of your basketball team, will also prove more troublesome than Wesley Snipes owing back-pay on taxes. Huggins, who has been one of the best coaches since windpants were available at your local fat-man store, has been prone to some wild outbursts. Considering how bad the Mountaineers have been this year, it should be a shock to no one that he has neared the point of a mental breakdown.

Nobody can blame him though. This isn’t what a Huggins coached team looks like. Not only have they played poorly, but they have played worse as the season has gone on and Huggins thinks his team is a bunch of lazy bums. In West Virginia’s latest loss, this one to the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Huggins had some not so nice things to say about his team after the game. Here is Huggins talking about a play in which the ball was seemingly going to be an easy West Virginia rebound:

“Shot clock is running down, they are falling out of bounds and they heave one up. You would think we would block out. They catch it and lay it in, and we are standing there watching it. That is not playing.”

“The truth is, we got beat to loose balls. We got beat to balls going out of bounds, and we have gotten beat to everything. We have a whole bunch of guys standing around and watching.”

Outside Huggin’s affinity to say the word “balls”, if he says something like that you know he is near his tipping point. In their loss, before this loss, Huggins tried deflecting all of the team’s woes to himself. However, notice how this time he was more than ready to let the world know that his team is a bunch of scalawags.

This isn’t even close to rating high on the Huggins scale of insanity, but this could be a sign that it is getting much closer. Considering that the Mountaineers’ season is a bust, and the rest of the year doesn’t matter in terms of wins or losses, I am quietly rooting for Huggins to lose his marbles at a press conference.

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