Duke Will Likely Have to Settle For No. 2 Seed in ACC Tournament

By Trevor Lowry
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The Duke Blue Devils have had a great season, but they will still likely have to settle for a No. 2 seed in the ACC tournament.

It is hard to believe that, considering that Duke has beaten three top five teams this year, had a perfect non-conference record and is currently 24-3 on the year. However, the Miami Hurricanes have been amazing in ACC play and currently are the top dog in the conference, with a 13-1 record. The Blue Devils are two games back at 11-3.

Duke will get a chance to avenge its loss to Miami from earlier in the season, but win or lose in that game, it will likely not matter. However, a confidence booster is always nice and the Blue Devils would love to enter the ACC tournament with some serious momentum.

The Blue Devils have Virginia, Miami, Virginia Tech and North Carolina left on the schedule, so it will not be easy for them down the stretch. Assuming that this team does win all of those games, it will still not be enough.

The Hurricanes have Virginia Tech, Duke, Georgia Tech and Clemson left in the regular season, which is a much easier path than Duke’s. A miracle would have to happen for Miami two lose two games before the season is up. However, this team did just lose to Wake Forest, who is 12-14 on the season.

Whether the case, the Duke and Miami matchup on March. 2 will host two top five teams in college basketball and it will be a great ending to the regular season, leading into conference tournament time and then the mother of all dances, better known as the NCAA tournament.


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