Florida Star Kenny Boynton A No-Show In Loss to Tennessee

By Trevor Lowry
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida’s star Kenny Boynton was a no show in the loss to the Tennessee Volunteers.

Boynton could only manage two points against Tennessee and shot 1-7 from the field. Florida definitely plays a team-type of basketball, but coming into the season, Boynton was supposed to be the star of this team. He did lead the Gators in points per game last season, but the team included Brad Beal and Erving Walker then.

Boynton has been pretty good all season long, but he has not been playing well as of late and he has not shown up in Florida’s losses this season. Give Tennessee all of the credit in the world because they played great basketball and got a win that could push them into the NCAA tournament, but Boynton needs to come up in clutch situations for this team to win close games in the big dance.

In the loss to Arizona, Boynton scored five points. In the loss to Kansas State, he only scored 11 points–a little better, but still below the season average. In the loss to Arkansas, he scored 10 points. In the loss to Missouri, he scored 11 points. Finally, in the loss to Tennessee, he had a mighty two points.

He is averaging 12.9 points per game on the season, which is a number that continues to go down.

The Gators are struggling with some injuries, which makes them a completely different team, but they still have plenty of talent on the floor. Mike Rosario has been stepping up for this team and is now the leading scorer, by a wee bit–13 points per game.

Florida will likely be fine once it is healthy, but Boynton has to find his shot. He usually plays great when the Gators win, but not when they lose. He came into the season as the go-to guy for this team and he needs to leave the season as the same guy.

Boynton is not the only reason why Florida has five losses on the season, but it would be nice for him to make shots when the team needs him most and not when they are blowing teams away when it doesn’t matter.


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