Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Coach Brian Gregory in Dangerous Territory

By Joseph Nardone
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (14-12, 4-10 ACC) have an awesome offense. Oh, wait, that’s their football brethren(Option offense for life!). The basketball version of the Yellow Jackets actually have a horrendous offense. In fact, their offense is ranked as the 268th best in the nation, right ahead of the Club State Pool Cleaners and right behind the University of Broken Dreams. But to be fair, those programs run up and down the court with no worries about defense.

Brian Gregory is in his second year with the program. Last season (11–20, 4–12 ACC) wasn’t that much better than this year. However, an optimist might like to look at how Tech has already won three more games than last year with four still left. But an obvious question will start to be asked, has Gregory’s time with the program run out after just two short years?

The answer should be no. I, possibly being the only person who does so, believe that a coach should get to be with a program for four years(A whole recruiting cycle). But that doesn’t mean that his atrocious start to rebuilding the Yellow Jackets’ program is okay.  Although, this is Gregory’s second head coaching stint, the man is still adjusting to playing in a power-conference such as the ACC.

However, from what I have read, next year’s group of incoming freshmen are supposedly on-par with any other program in the conference. Bailing on Gregory now could prove futile. Georgia Tech certainly wouldn’t want solid commits bailing on them because they axed their coach.

I am not saying whatever criticism headed Gregory’s way is unfair or unjust. But when he was coaching the Dayton Flyers, Gregory did have a few down years before making that program a perennial 20 win team. While there is certainly more competition and a harder road to do so in the ACC, Gregory has shown the ability to recruit(So websites tell me) and make teams he coaches get better every year.

Is Gregory already in dangerous territory by having another bad season, yes. But patience can be the key for Georgia Tech going forward if they can just hold on for two more years.

If it fails, well, at least you have Paul Johnson!

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