Miami Hurricanes Still Control ACC Regular Season Championship Race

By Joseph Nardone
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

After being upset by the Wake Forest Demon Deacons plenty of people want to write off the Miami Hurricanes. No, it is not because they have some super-secret information that now exposes the Hurricanes as frauds. Rather, Miami being “good” is so unfamiliar to them that the day couldn’t come fast enough in which they could point out all of the Hurricanes’ flaws.

Although, even after being upset, the Hurricanes are still ranked as the fifth best team in the nation and are two games ahead of everyone for the race to win the ACC regular season championship.

Four games are left for Miami, one a rematch against the Duke Blue Devils(They are two games back), and the time is getting closer for the Hurricanes to clinch the usually unthinkable, a Miami basketball ACC title. Not that people don’t expect them to falter after losing a game, because you know, if you are not usually this good and then finally lose after winning a billion games, you are somehow no longer good.

However, despite everyone being quick to tell you how good they are not, Miami controls their own destiny. Not only is a regular season championship at stake, or the ACC Tournament, but NCAA Tournament ramifications are also up for grabs down the stretch. Seeding, which coast will they play on, all of things are going to be determined on how Miami finishes up their season.

Win the conference, have a good showing in the ACC Tournament, and all will be well for Miami. If they don’t, well the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee are the same people that would love to disbelieve in the Hurricanes, send them out west, and give them no better than a two seed.

Unfamiliar things are scary to people. Miami(Being good) is one of the stranger things going on in college basketball this season. Not because they aren’t good but because experts didn’t deem it possible. For that reason, Miami needs to finish strong, because those experts want to be quick to right Miami’s wrongs(As in, Miami being good).

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