Alabama Crimson Tide Whoop SEC Rival

By Joseph Nardone
Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

The Alabama Crimson Tide (19-9, 11-4 SEC) have widely been considered an NCAA Tournament bubble team. It didn’t help Alabama’s chances when they lost to the LSU Tigers in overtime a few days ago either. It has seemed that every time the Crimson Tide were ready to strut their way into March, a small hiccup has prevented them from becoming a lock to wear some fancy dancing slippers.

Another horrible way to improve on your resume is to lose to a rival. Alabama doesn’t have a more hated rival than the Auburn Tigers (9-19, 3-12 SEC). While it is generally okay to lose to your rival(Because they always play up to their rivals), losing to Auburn would be bad, because they are really bad.

Luckily for the Crimson Tide no such thing happened as they obliterated the Tigers. Not only did they hold Auburn to shooting a robust .30 percent from the floor, but they came away from the game winning by 18 points. Hopefully now, with hyperbole gone, the time for Alabama to secure those dancing slippers is now.

Bama has three games remaining in their SEC schedule before the conference tournament starts. A theoretically easy win is among those three(The Georgia Bulldogs), so 20 wins before a conference tournament starts is usually enough to get a team an at-large bid. Whether or not the Crimson Tide could capitalize on the other two, much tougher games, could show if Alabama is going to be any kind of force when March begins.

Regardless, Alabama basketball has given fans plenty of reasons to forget about football for at least a few seconds(Although, I doubt they ever forget).

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