Corporation Donates $3 Million to VCU Rams Basketball Program

By Joseph Nardone
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The VCU Rams are quickly becoming one of the best basketball programs in the country. The biggest thing they have going for them is that their team is led by head coach Shaka Smart. The Rams head coach is good, young, and has become one of the very few “name” coaches in the sport. But there are other things that a program needs to keep building upon success – namely money.

Well, if that was ever a problem before it won’t be one now, as a corporation called MeadWestvaco pledged to donate $3 million to the VCU program. The deal is expected to help finance a brad new practice facility for the Rams. VCU athletic director Ed McLaughlin spoke about the deal.

“We haven’t nailed down an exact figure.” McLaughlin said, “But this is a tremendous start for us. Besides Shaka Smart and our student athletes, facilities are the most important piece of our program.”

VCU plans on the practice facility to start being built in the spring. The location of where the new building would be built as yet to be determined, although McLaughlin did mention that a parking lot adjacent to the Siegel Center on West Broad Street could be one of the potential sites.

In a somewhat refreshing tidbit, MeadWestvaco did not want the naming rights to the practice facility and nobody was more gratful about that than McLaughlin. “They generously allowed us to call it the VCU Basketball Training Facility.” he said.

Yes McLaughlin, that (Not the $3 million) was the generous part of this whole donation from the corporation.

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