Northwestern Wildcats Looking to End Big 10 Losing Streak

By Joseph Nardone
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Northwestern Wildcats (13-15, 4-11 Big 10) have become a special kind of awful. Usually playing under .500 percent basketball is enough to be that special kind of awful, but the Wildcats are taking it to brand new levels. Northwestern can’t score(305th in the nation), has the ability to have the inability to rebound(311th), all while being as inefficient as a pickle salesman selling to a cucumber factory(301st).

But don’t let their awfulness make you assume they don’t care. Head coach Bill Carmody‘s time has to be running out (you would assume) and is going to be coaching with a much needed sense of urgency. Their players won’t want to end their season on some kind of epic losing streak either.

However, the Wildcats have lost five straight, seven out of their last eight if you want to be more negative, and only have three games left to try to make their season go from awful to whatever is right above awful(just horrible?). Two of the three games left are unwinnable for Northwestern. Considering they couldn’t beat a team called the Illinois-Chicago Flames (A real team), I doubt they can beat the Michigan State Spartans or the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Although, there is a glimmer of hope in Northwestern’s season, the Penn State Nittany Lions (8-18, 0-14 Big 10). This is how a team as bad as Northwestern finishes their season with one victory in their last eight games(Sadly, that is their goal), you play a team even more of an abomination than you are.

Both programs, fanbases, alum, and general lovers of bad basketball, need to circle March 7th on their calendar. On that particular day, two programs, with a combined four wins in-conference, will battle it out for a level of respect only comparable to glory in which we hold our underwear.

What am I trying to say? While they both stink, which they do, they both have something to play for when they face-off.

Not being worse than the other (PSU is worse, much worse).

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