After All the Disappointment the Kentucky Wildcats Can Still Win the SEC Regular Season Title

By Taylor Sturm
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

All the talk surrounding the Kentucky Wildcats has been one of disappointment since the beginning of the season. The Wildcats started off ranked third but slowly slipped into obscurity as loss after loss piled up (the Wildcats lost the same number of games in the first month of this season that they did in the entirety of last season). Then, Nerlens Noel, the potential number 1 NBA draft pick, tore his ACL and the talk turned to whether or not the Wildcats can even make the NCAA tournament. With all this talk about Kentucky’s disappointing season, you would think they were in last place in the SEC – not tied for second with the Alabama Crimson Tide, one game behind the Florida Gators.

Florida’s recent slide has led to the door being left open in the SEC for a team to slip in and steal the regular season title. The Gators play Alabama next, and a loss could create a three way tie up top. Even if Alabama loses (which the Crimson Tide probably will), Kentucky still has a chance to play the Gators and steal the SEC title on the last game of the regular season. If any coach in the country can prepare a team for one crucial game, it’s John Calipari. And with the way Julius Mays, Ryan Harrow, Archie Goodwin, and company are playing, he may not have to prepare them for much.

After all the ups and downs this season, all the disappointment, all the losses, and all the injuries,  Kentucky may still achieve one of the many things they were expected to do before the season began and win the SEC.

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