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College Basketball: Week 16 SEC Power Rankings

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SEC Power Rankings

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Don’t look now, but there is actually a race for the regular season title in the SEC. The Florida Gators are still considered the best team in the conference, but the power rankings for the SEC keep getting harder and harder to rank.

Florida has lost two of of its last three games. Tennessee is on a six-game winning streak. Kentucky just got its first statement win on the season over Missouri, dropping the Tigers farther down the rankings. And oh yeah, Alabama is still only one game back in the conference standings, along with Kentucky.

With the mini collapse by the Gators, this conference is wide open. So, how do you rank these teams? Currently seven teams in the SEC are fighting for their NCAA tournament lives, whether if they have a chance at dancing or not. Florida is a lock, but from them all the way down to LSU, who is going to punch their ticket this year?

The SEC is only predicted to get four teams in the dance, but at least five can certainly plead their case.

We are getting closer and closer to conference tournament time and a lot will likely not be decided in this conference until after it. I say whoever meets up in the championship game should punch their ticket, but then again a team like Georgia could easily go on that type of a run.

I hope everyone is ready for the last couple of weeks of the regular season because things are about to get weird. Read on to see the latest edition of the SEC power rankings.

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14. Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-20, 2-13 SEC)

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After another thumping by Kentucky, things could not get much worse for the Mississippi Bulldogs. I mean they are already on a 13-game losing streak.

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13. Auburn Tigers (9-19, 3-12 SEC)

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Mississippi State may be bad, but the Auburn Tigers are not much better. Auburn should just focus on wins against Florida State and Alabama on the year because those were the only highlights of the season.

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12. South Carolina Gamecocks (13-14, 3-11 SEC)

south carolina
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South Carolina had a big win over Ole Miss, but followed that up with a loss against Georgia in overtime. Whether the case, this team will likely not even make the NIT.

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11. Vanderbilt Commodores (12-15, 6-9 SEC)

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Vanderbilt was a strange team this year that competed in a lot of conference games, but could only manage six wins, at least so far. Two of those wins came in the last two games.

The Commodores will likely have a way better season next year, when they learn how to win close games and when they obviously have more experience.

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10. Georgia Bulldogs (13-15, 7-8 SEC)

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Georgia is another team that was in a lot of close games this year, however, with only one person on the team averaging 10 points or more per game, the 7-8 SEC record hans’t been too shabby.

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9. Texas A&M Aggies (16-12, 6-9 SEC)

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Although this was Texas A&M’s first year in the SEC, it was a rather disappointing one. After beating Kentucky in the second game of conference play, the Aggies pretty much went down hill from there, with four straight losses. They have not been able to come back from that early downhill slide.

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8. Arkansas Razorbacks (17-11, 8-7 SEC)

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Arkansas was on the bubble, but after tonight its bubble has likely burst. The Razorbacks beat both Florida and Missouri in conference play, but that will not be enough. Three wins in Arkansas’ last three games would help though.

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7. LSU Tigers (17-9, 8-7 SEC)

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LSU has beaten Alabama and Arkansas in back-to-back games. With that said, there is a very slim chance that this team can still dance this year. However, if LSU has a chance, it will most likely have to win out in the regular season and have a good run in the SEC tournament.

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6. Ole Miss Rebels (21-7, 10-5 SEC)

ole miss
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Although it was against two of the not so good teams in the conference, Ole Miss will take victories over Auburn and Texas A&M in its past two games.

The Rebels still have three games left, and victories over Alabama and LSU could go a long way.

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5. Missouri Tigers (19-8, 8-6 SEC)

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Missouri continues to be inconsistent this year, losing to Kentucky after beating Florida in the game before that. However, the only way that this team wouldn’t make the tournament this year is if it lost the rest of its games.

However, the Tigers will have to play LSU, Arkansas and Tennessee to close out the season, so Missouri better find some consistency fast.

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4. Alabama Crimson Tide (19-9, 11-4 SEC)

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Alabama is only one game back in the SEC standings. The only team standing in front of the Crimson Tide is Florida. Well, here is your shot Alabama because you will have the Gators next, but it will take a lot to beat Florida on its own court.

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3. Tennessee Volunteers (17-10, 9-6 SEC)

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Tennessee is the hottest team in the SEC right now. Don’t even try to argue it because six victories in a row is pretty amazing, even in a down year in the SEC.

The Volunteers don’t really have a chance to win the regular season title this year, but they could play themselves into a No. 2 seed in the SEC tournament just like they did last year.

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2. Kentucky Wildcats (20-8, 11-4 SEC)

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Even without Nerlens Noel and having a down year for Kentucky standards, the Wildcats are just one game back in the SEC. Just like Alabama, Kentucky will have a chance at making it to the top of the standings, since the Wildcats will play Florida in the last game of the season.

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1. Florida Gators (22-5, 12-3 SEC)

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There is no reason to panic if you are a Florida fan. Sure, the Gators have lost two out of their last three games, but they are also losing players on a nightly basis. Luckily, none of those injuries are serious and the Gators should be at full strength once the SEC tournament takes place. Once that happens, good luck to the rest of the teams that stand in Florida’s way not only in the conference tournament, but the NCAA tournament as well.

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