Kevin Durant has Twitter exchange with player after Oklahoma Sooners fell to Texas Longhorns

By Marian Hinton
Troy Taormina: USA TODAY Sports

Needless to say, it hasn’t been a great season for the Texas Longhorns basketball team, but Wednesday night’s victory over the Oklahoma Sooners provided a rare moment of fun in an otherwise abysmal season. After making a dunk that put his team up by 22 points with less than eight minutes left on the clock, Oklahoma’s Amath M’Baye threw the “Horns down” sign in front of the Texas players, which was all it took to get the Longhorns’ attention.

From that moment on, Texas outplayed the Sooners, erasing the largest deficit in their program’s history to defeat Oklahoma by a score of 92-86 in overtime.

Immediately afterward and fresh off a triple-double performance for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the former Longhorn standout Kevin Durant took to twitter to celebrate his team’s win.

Yea my longhorns came back from being down 22, all that showboating and coming back home to Oklahoma with a L..#hookem

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) February 28, 2013

James Fraschilla, one of the Sooner basketball players, didn’t take too kindly to the Thunders’ favorite star talking trash about an Oklahoma team, rival or not, so he responded to Durant with the following Tweet:

@kdtrey5 your boys are 13-15. I’d rather take a bad loss than not be in the NCAA tournament.

— James Fraschilla (@jamesfraschilla) February 28, 2013

Not one to allow his rivals to have the last word, Durant did a bit of trash-talking of his own:

@jamesfraschilla yea yea, as long as we beat Oklahoma ill take it, plus our pg was out all year! Enjoy your first round exit

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) February 28, 2013

It all ended in good fun, however, as Fraschilla admitted that he “can’t disrespect an OKC legend,” adding that he even has a Durant poster up in his dorm room.

It’s not often that college player ends up in the very city that is home to his alma mater’s fiercest rival, but that’s precisely the case with Durant living in and playing in the Longhorns’ enemy territory, otherwise known as Oklahoma.

Regardless of where he’s ended up, Texas fans continue to love Durant because he unabashedly defends his Horns without apology, while Sooners seem to look past that and love him because of all he’s done for the Thunder.

In the end, a love and admiration for Kevin Durant very well may be the only thing on which the Longhorns and Sooners can agree.


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