Oklahoma State Cowboys Coach Travis Ford Refused to be Upset

By Joseph Nardone
Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma State Cowboys were set to play the atrocious TCU Horned Frogs in what many expected to be a Big 12 bloodbath. But going into the game, Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford wasn’t ready to let his players rest on the notion of beating TCU because of their inability to be any good. Ford, in almost every waking moment of practice, would use the Kansas Jayhawks‘ loss to TCU as a constant reminder that any team could beat anybody on any given night.

Here is Ford after the game talking about his philosophy:

“Yeah, we reminded them a lot of, ‘If you’re not ready to play and focused and locked in, anybody can win. Penn State beat Michigan tonight. Anything can happen.

“I’m worried about every game, but these games can jump up and bite you.”

Cowboys’ player Le”Bryan Nash confirmed Ford’s preaching of possible doom:

“Coach Ford was always talking about it. If it can happen to Kansas, it can happen to us.’

“We respect TCU a lot. We respect what they did against Kansas. We just put our heads together and came out with a win.”

It worked, as OK State thrashed the Horned Frogs by 17 points. Ford’s message of not counting out any team, regardless of how bad, has probably never rung any truer than this season as highly ranked teams have been regularly beaten by “lesser” foes.

With three games left the Cowboys only sit one game behind the lead in the race for the Big 12 regular season title.

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