Butler Bulldogs Smart to Join New Big East Conference

By Joseph Nardone
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

February 28, 2013 might end up being a day to remember for college basketball diehards. On that day the world found out that the Catholic Seven were going to retain the Big East moniker and the new conference could start as soon as next season. Along with that news came the reports of which teams are set to join the new super-hoops conference. Reportedly, the Butler Bulldogs and the Xavier Musketeers will join the league immediately.

For obvious reasons, the new Big East pulled off a nice maneuver by scooping up those two programs. However, Butler might end up being the biggest winner in the whole conference realignment move. Butler, who has been entrenched in mid-majority for some time now, will finally get the opportunity to play in a “power” conference. Not only does that add even more credibility to the program but some extra cash.

And the cash couldn’t be coming into the program at a better time. Regardless of how many years might be left on head coach Brad Stevens‘ contract, he isn’t bound to the school in any legal way. Stevens could easily bounce to another program if the financials were ever too good to pass up. However, thanks to new money, Butler is in a position to give Stevens the kind of cash that can keep the baby-faced leader in town for a long, long time.

Coaches are what makes any basketball program great. I don’t know of many other, especially young, coaches out there that are considered better than Stevens. Not only can the university lock-up Stevens for the long-term but they can also upgrade any facilities that they may want. Money, as well coaches, will undoubtedly help the Bulldogs become even bigger players in college basketball for years to come.

Who won with the Catholic Seven leaving the old Big East? Everybody. Well, except Mike Aresco and the remains of an abomination “that” conference will now become.

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