Duke Blue Devils Coach Mike Krzyzewski Wants Court Storming Reform

By Joseph Nardone
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It isn’t always about whether you are right or wrong. Sometimes, like in this case, it is about when you make your presentation–as in you probably shouldn’t complain about something right after it happened to you. Even more specifically, you probably shouldn’t complain after everyone knows you might be a little bitter after a big loss. Case in point: Duke Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Coach K was non to pleased after the Blue Devils were upset by the Virginia Cavaliers. However, it wasn’t his team’s play that made him upset. It had more to do with the court storming that happened immediately after the game. Krzyzewski made many valid points while he was holding his post-game press conference. He talked about safety, respect and how turnabout would have not been fair play. These are all more than great points. But the timing of his complaint, and the fact he is a coach of the polarizing Blue Devils, have made the internet blow up in disgust at him.

If Krzyzewski decided to do this after a benign win or in the middle of the offseason, his point might have made much less of an impact. Let’s be honest, we are only talking about it now because it literally just happened. But being that it’s Duke, we must all hate the message even though it had many valid points.

Krzyzewski’s message was certainly self-serving. He did not bring up this issue because he was honestly concerned. From all reports that have come from the game, nothing has been said about any of the students giving Duke players or coaches a hard time.

There is also another little nugget to the Krzyzewski rant. Duke, who has been good since ESPN allowed Dick Vitale to make word-love to the university, can never rush the court. Imagine if they did. We would bash everyone involved, not to mention they are almost always the favorite going into every game they play.

It is almost unfair for the Blue Devils. They are always allowed to be the punching bag, but never the puncher.

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