Kansas Jayhawks Coach Bill Self Accepts Student Body Apology

By Joseph Nardone
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve always been an advocate for the opposite of firing a coach because their team lost a game or two in a row. Believe it or not, at one point this season Kansas Jayhawks (24-4, 12-3 Big 12) fans were calling for the head of their coach Bill Self, who is undoubtedly one of the best coaches in the nation. Self took all of that in stride and never once complained. That is who Self is, a great interview in the press room and an even more solid person in every aspect of life.

So it comes to nobody’s surprise that Self is accepting an apology from the Iowa State Cyclones student-body from a pair incidents that occurred after the Jayhawks’ overtime victory over the Cyclones. First things first, both incidents were disgusting. One was of a fan trying to bum-rush Self (he did not succeed) and the other was when at least two people used Twitter to be a cowardly racist and attack Elijah Johnson (Who happened to drop 39 on the Cyclones).

Self could have held a grudge, nobody would have blamed him. But he saw the bigger picture, that a few fans (Who should be banned from attending games for life) weren’t representing the entire student-body of the Iowa State school. Iowa State’s student-government wrote Self a lengthy apology, in which Self accepted, and did so with no pandering to the media or finger-pointing at another institution’s lack of control.

This is just another example of Self, not only being a class act, but turning the other cheek in a situation where no one would blame him for going bonkers. So while the racist folk are cowards, deleted their Twitter accounts to try to avoid accountability, Self continues to stand in the forefront, taking any criticisms right to the face and moving on.

Bill Self doesn’t go bonkers, but if he ever does, there is going to be a lot of pent up frustration coming out. Maybe those security guards should have let that fan get to Self, so we can see Wild Bill go all Chuck Norris on his rear.

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