North Carolina State Wolfpack Says No to Hideous Adidas Uniforms

By Joseph Nardone
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe Adidas thinks bad publicity is still publicity. It could be possible that their lead uniform designer is on cocaine, but because of tax breaks, the clothing company is looking the other way. Either way, I’m betting on drug addiction, Adidas has set forth on a mission to bring Zumba wear back to the masses.

On Thursday, pictures surfaced showing what some Adidas sponsored teams are going to be wearing in March. Needless to say, the new uniforms are an abomination. I am not really sure why teams with a ton of tradition and prestige (i.e. the UCLA Bruins or Kansas Jayhawks) would agree to wear some of the ugliest clothing ever designed, but they have, and it is a shame.

I mean, I completely understand a “lesser” program going for something different. But have you seen what the Notre Dame Fighting Irish plan to wear, it looks like someone ate a lot of Skittles then regurgitated them on a shirt. Really, there cannot possibly one sane person who thinks these new uniforms are cool looking. Although, it should be pointed out, I’ve been told that ugly is the new black.

But not every team has jumped on the chance to grab some new, ugly Adidas gear. The North Carolina State Wolfpack have opted to tell the clothing company hells to the no. While I am sure Adidas really wishes that NC State would wear their putrid gear, they are more than fine with having UCLA donning the atrocity that they call fashion.

I am not a Wolfpack fan, nor do I usually care about team uniforms, but I must say I am pleasantly surprised that they decided enough was enough and are sticking with their current uniforms. I am not saying the other schools are wrong for rocking Zumba wear, I’m just saying NC State is more right for not.

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