Georgetown Hoyas Want a Quick Dismantling of Big East Conference

By Joseph Nardone
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Big East Conference is dead. Well, at least the version we have all grown up to love.

However, there will be a new version of the conference going forward. While the Catholic Seven are leaving what was once the Big East, they are off to form a brand new league – the Big East. Confused?

The Georgetown Hoyas are one of the members of the Catholic Seven. They also happen to be going to the new Big East Conference. Not only are they going – they can’t get there quick enough. Here is head coach John Thompson III talking about the old Big East breaking up and the conference name:

“I’ve said from the beginning, the sooner the better. That’s best for every and all parties in our situation. In other conferences, if you know there’s going to be a change, the sooner the better.”

“I’d love to call it the Georgetown League myself.”

I guess Thompson is really excited to get the new league going. It’s kind of surprising, considering the Hoyas are currently atop of the old Big East standings. Maybe he would like the season to end as quickly as possible so his team could claim the last meaningful regular season title of this lineup of Big East teams.

Regardless, Thompson makes some very valid points. Not only would all parties benefit from an immediate split, but it would end up being awkward watching the Catholic Seven destroy next year’s “awesome” lineup of conference teams. If Mike Aresco knew what was good for him, which he obviously doesn’t, he should let the Catholic Seven go before they further embarrass his conference next season.

So, how many Big East Conferences will there be next season? I am still confused.

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